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Relocation to Yishun

Chung Cheng High has through the years consistently kept to its philosophy of optimising the student's potential and achieving both academic and personal success through a caring, supportive and stimulating learning environment. Credit and recognition must be accorded to the collaborative efforts of the SMC, Alumni, staff, parents and students. Together in partnership, they exemplify the true Chung Cheng spirit and remain invaluable members of our society and nation.

Before the 1990s, the physical amenities at the school were adequate and provided a conducive environment for both teaching and learning. However, as the years rolled by and with new initiatives introduced in education, the need to upgrade the school facilities and to move to a spacious location became a pressing concern. As rebuilding the school on the current 0.6 hectre land was not feasible, the school opted for relocation to a more spacious better-equipped school to ensure its competitiveness.

                                                                                                                                      In 2002, the school made further progress with its plans to relocate to Yishun. Floor plans for the site were firmed up after a series of consultations with the MOE, School Management Committee (SMC), architects and school staff. Construction of our new home in Yishun was expected to be completed in 2004. Meanwhile, every effort is being made to ensure that our new premises will facilitate teaching and learning to realized the school's vision of becoming a prestigious and premier educational institution.
In January 2003, in preparation for its move to Yishun, the school operated at two campuses, the current Guillemard site and the holding school at Sembawang Drive. Chung Cheng High (Yishun) with its staff and eight classes of secondary one cohort of pupils made their presence felt in the north. The school took on the challenge to co-ordinate programmes and functions at the two campuses and to ensure that the Chung Cheng spirit and traditions will remain intact when the school completes its move.
The groundbreaking ceremony on 30 March 2003 at Yishun symbolized the charting of a new chapter in the history of the school.
Despite the mobility restrictions created by the SARS outbreak, the School Management Committee members led by Chairman Mr Wee Cho Yao, laid the foundations for the new school witnessed by the staff from the two campuses at Guillemard and Sembawang.

A long-awaited dream to relocate to a more conducive campus came true and with the building completed in 2005, the school looks forward to reaching new heights in its endeavours to develop all pupils holistically to achieve academic and personal success.
Chung Cheng High School (Branch) was renamed as Chung Cheng High School (Yishun) with effect from 2005.

Official Opening of New Campus at Yishun on 30 June 2006.
(left to right):
Mr Yap Juye Long (Principal), Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam (Minister for Education & Second Minister for Finance), Mr Wee Cho Yaw (School Management Committee Chairman), Mr Lim Meng Wei (Vice-Principal)