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愿景、使命、办校理念、价值观、School Vision, Mission, Philosophy, Values

愿景 Vision


A Premier And Prestigious School
Every Chung Cheng student is a competent and cultured individual that possesses Chung Cheng Spirit and strong moral character, and contribute to society.

我们的使命 Our Mission

To instill desired values in our students and develop their potential so that they will achieve excellence and contribute to the community, nation and the world.


办校理念 Philosophy

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Every Student Matters

We value each individual and recognise that different learners have different learning needs and abilities. We adopt student-centred approaches in our teaching and learning.

学校的价值观 School Values

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“Knowledge engenders wisdom, Desirable personal values engenders humanity With wisdom and humanity one would then Be able to act with true grit and courage In the face of adversity and challenges A mere consideration of material success would amount to nothing if one does not uphold A good value system” - Confucius   Our core values guide us in our daily decisions and actions so that we will be exemplary in our behaviour.