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Student Suggestion Scheme

The Student Suggestion Scheme (SSS) was previously run by a team of teachers from the I & E Committee. In 2008, the Prefectorial Board took over the scheme and formed the first batch of SSS student committee members.  The objective of SSS is to provide students a platform to add values to the school’s programmes and environment(including facilities and culture).  Students can do so by writing down their suggestions in a suggestion form provided and submitting it to the SSS Committee for evaluation.

Evaluation Process
With effect from Phase II of the SSS, members of the SSS Committee will look through all the students’ suggestions on a monthly basis. They will evaluate the suggestions based on a set of evaluation criteria and present the suggestions that are worth implementing to a team of school leaders lead by the Principal or Vice-Principal for approval.  Suggestions approved for implementation will be made known to the school through the morning assembly and the SSS notice board.
Factors to consider when writing the suggestion
  • Feasibility of suggestion
  • Maintenance of suggestion upon implementation
  • Extent of benefit
  • Cost pertaining to the implementation of suggestion