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A community of individuals who appreciate and express Aesthetics for a better world.


To develop students an appreciation for the Aesthetics; imparting them with knowledge and skills to express their thoughts in an exciting Aesthetics spaces and through varied Aesthetics activities. In the process, students cultivate good values and contribute meaningfully to the society.


Value is the at the heart of CCHY’s Aesthetics endeavours, and we strive to create multiple pathways for students to fulfil their aspirations. We aim to expose students to a varied form of Aesthetics experiences to see value of Aesthetics; to engage students in real-life activitites to develop mastery and values for lifelong learning. 

Instructional Programme

Aesthetics department in CCHY is made up of Art, Music and Design and Technology (D&T). The threading knowledge of elements and principles of Art and Design in these subjects is taught to the students. Besides the curricular programme conducted in classrooms, there will also be enrichment activities to deepen students’ understanding of art knowledge and skills.

Other Activities

The Learning for Life Programme (LLP) in CCHY focuses on cultivating values in students through Aesthetics. The programme aims to engage students in Aesthetics events and activities on different level (Exposure, Engagement and Excellence); providing them with real-life experiential learning to develop their character and values, cultivate positive attitudes and encourage self-expression.

2016 Aesthetics LLP Sec 1 Talk.pdf 

CCHY Aesthetics Framework

Aesthetics Framework.jpg
The framework is based on the National Arts Education Award framework and Art, Music and D&T syllabuses to guide school to attain the mission, vision and values of Aesthetics department. In return, school will also develop and assess students learning and achievements in Aesthetics for a holistic secondary education.   The framework for arts policy is structured under the three domains of Head, Heart and Hand. Through the three domains, students develop skillful and artful knowledge (Head) through different forms of media (such as painting, playing a musical instrument, etc) and achieved excellence (Hand). Through thinking and understanding the artists’ works of past and present (Art Appreciation) (Head) and through articulating their thoughts and feelings about their works and others works (Heart). The three domains are interconnected and operate dynamically.   It also prepares our students to gain the knowledge, skills and values to thrive in a future driven by globalization and technological advancements, fulfilling the three domain of 21st Century Competencies (Civic Literacy, Global Awareness and Cross-Cultural Skills; Critical and Inventive Thinking; and Information and Communication skills).

National Arts Education Blaze Award

NAEA logo blaze 2015.jpg

In 2015, CCHY received the National Arts Education Blaze Award (valid till Nov 2019) by National Arts Council. The award is an affirmation for us in our endeavour to develop an holistic arts education for our students.