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Education & Career Guidance


  1. To create awareness in students of their interests and abilities.
  2. To expose students to various educational pathways.
  3. To expose students to various post-secondary education courses.
  4. To expose students to various careers.
  5. To equip students with skills to make informed choices pertaining to subject choices and careers.


  • ECG Module in CCE
  • Talks by lecturers from JC, Polytechnics and ITEs
  • Upper Secondary Subjects Talks by CCHY HODs/Teachers
  • Visits to JCs, Polytechnics and ITEs open-houses.
  • ITE Attachment
  • Elective Module Courses for Upper Secondary NA and NT students
  • E-careers Portal
  • Career Counselling by School Full-Time Counsellor
  • Talks for Parents: "What's Next After the 'O' Levels " and "Secondary 3 Subject Combinations"