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English Language & Literature 

VISION: Nurturing creative, confident and articulate readers, writers and speakers of English

About the Department : The English Department comprises of English Language and Literature. Lower Secondary Literature is compulsory for all students of the Normal Academic and Express streams at lower secondary levels. At the upper secondary level, students have the option of selecting the Elective subjects of their choice from an array of subjects. Elective English Literature is offered to upper secondary students whereby students study a set text and a course reader preparing them for unseen passages and poetry.
Guided by the belief in fostering a learner-centred environment, the Department has decided to ensure proper:
  • Alignment of EL programmes to the current EL Syllabus focus on developing Oral communication skills among our students
  • Enjoyment and Appreciation of the language through :
    • debate
    • drama
    • grammar & vocabulary games
  • Attention to Phonemic awareness
  • Development of
    • Word study skills
    • Writing Skills


  • —PETALS Framework for Engaged Learning
  • —Debating
  • —Drama
  • —Collaborative Learning
  • —Cooperative Learning
  • —Direct Instruction
  • —Online Portals-AsknLearn & Oral learning Portal
  • —Use of dramatization, role play and perspective-taking, Debates in lessons
  • —Project Work for independent learning
  • —Reading and reflections from newspapers on current affairs
  • —Viewing A Play for Literature


—Assessment for Learning (AfL) tasks:
  • Internal Competitions
  • Projects
  • Self/Peer Assessment Rubrics
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Performance-based
Note: Tasks are meant to ensure close monitoring of the learning processes.

Assessment of Learning (AoL):
  • Common Tests
  • Summative Mid and Year-End
Note:Examinations are still integral in the school environment.


Structured 4-year plan with a specific focus in developing students' Oral and Written skills through enrichment workshops and internal competitions as part of AfL.
  • Drama-in-Curriculum (S1) 
  • Public Speaking & Debating (S2)
  • Creative Writing/Comprehension Skills (S3)
  • Narrative Writing & EL & Elective Literature Exam Skills (S4 & S5)
  • (Langlit workshop by Marife D’Cruz & STU Literature Seminar)