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  • Well-read students who are able to make discerning judgments on issues.
  • Life long learners and responsible citizens of a global community.


  • To promote a keen interest in the Humanities subjects.
  • To develop in students a strong bond to the nation and a desire to contribute towards making Singapore a better home to live in.
  • To develop in students a greater understanding and appreciation of the global community we are a part of.
  • To equip students with life skills, desirable attitudes and values for life-long learning and growth.
  • To help our students excel academically in the Humanities subjects.

About the Department

These are the subjects offered by the department:
  • Lower Sec Geography (Modular Basis)
  • Lower Sec History (Modular Basis)
  • Upper Sec Social Studies (SS)
  • Upper Sec Core Geography
  • Upper Sec Combined Humanities

(Social Studies and Elective Geography or Elective History or Elective English Literature# or Elective Chinese Literative^)

 # : Managed by English Language Department
^ : Managed by Mother-tongue Department

Our Academic Aims

  • Target setting with our students to help them pursue academic excellence
  • Supplementary and remedial lessons to help all students level up

Enriching Learning Experiences
  • Stepping-out Programmes
  • All students in every level are given opportunities to participate in local fieldtrips and learning journeys to obtain deeper insights into topics covered in their syllabuses
  • Overseas fieldtrips to develop broader global perspectives and improve the cultural quotient of our students 
Teaching Pedagogy
  • Opportunities for students to participate as a community of learners through on-line platforms such as forum and portals.
  • Use of dramatization, role play and perspective-taking, debates in lessons
  • Project Work for holistic and more meaningful learning (All Sec 1 and 2 Express classes are required to complete an inter-disciplinary projects)
  • Lecture-tutorial system for upper secondary Social Studies lessons to ensure greater rigour in the coverage of issues as well as engage students in discussions in the tutorial sessions
  • Reading and reflections on current developments related to the topics learnt

Sec 1 IPW Fieldtrip to Sungei Buloh

Fieldtrips to BTNR and SBWR (Sec 3)

Sec 4 Geography Fieldtrip to Hi-Tech Farms

tn.Copy of Term 4 School Photos 010.jpg.2.jpg

Geography Field Trips to Bt Timah Nature Reserve, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve for Sec 3

Secondary 3 Geography students had a chance to learn about the natural   vegetation of Singapore when their teachers packed them off on nature walks through the Bukit Timah Forest Reserve and the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. Besides learning about the structure of these forests and their adaptations to the environment, students also had a chance to discover more about the value of these forests whose trees and plants provide food, herbs and many household items for use. Students who completed these outdoor lessons have learnt to appreciate the importance of conservation of these disappearing forests in Singapore.