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Science Carnival

14 May 2018

On the afternoon of 14 May 2018, our Secondary Two students participated in the school's inaugural Science Carnival! The objectives of the carnival are for students to apply scientific knowledge to generate possibilities and solve scientific problems, and to be aware of the different science disciplines so as to be more informed about the choices to make in the Secondary Two Streaming Exercise.

Our five Science Ambassadors, Alwis Lim (3F), Barry Ang (3G), Edward Fung (3F), Roshan Harindran (3F) and Xavier Tan (3F) confidently led thirty Secondary Three students in conducting and facilitating hands-on activities in the laboratories for their Secondary Two juniors. They explored possibilities and generated ideas based on their knowledge of Science to craft hands-on activities, and led their juniors through the process of problem-solving.

In the Science Labs, a Biology station where students experienced the process of extraction of DNA from a banana, a Chemistry station where students experimented with the Universal Indicators that change colour at different pH values, a Physics station where students learnt the science of Pressure and its application in toy water guns, and a Fusion station where students invoked knowledge from both Physics and Chemistry disciplines to build their own toy car that runs on saltwater were set up.

In the MPH, we had a Science-related ECG gallery that showcases the Science courses offered by ITE College East, Nanyang Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic and Singapore Polytechnic. Lecturers and staff from these institutions generously spared their time amidst their busy schedules to conduct hands-on activities at their respective booths for our students, simultaneously providing our students with the exposure and awareness of the range of courses offered at higher learning institutes.

We also displayed twelve outstanding ALP projects completed by our Secondary One students in 2017. The theme of the project is 'My Healthy Breakfast' which is aligned to our ALP theme of Food Science and Technology.

We received strong support from Dr Tan Mui Hua and Ms Lim Xiang Ting from STEM INC Science Center who provided our teachers and students with training on the use of the STEM INC projects, and who allowed us to put their projects on display ('Health Monitoring System' and 'Smart Kitchen') for viewing by our students.

The finalists' plants of the Edible Growing Competition conducted within the ALP Urban Farming curriculum were displayed during the carnival and students voted for the Best Plant Award, a recognition to acknowledge their efforts in applying the knowledge acquired during ALP in growing edibles.

Our PSG also actively prepared and conducted hands-on activities for our students at Tong Xin Yuan. They were passionate and very committed in engaging the students in garden-related activities like checking of pH of soil, checking for the presence of pests, identifying dicotyledonous and monocotyledonous plants, and the proper way of sowing seeds. These activities are aligned to our ALP Urban Farming module.

The Science Carnival has indeed provided a platform for teachers, parents and students to work closer together to engage and ignite the students' passion in Science. The Science Department will continue to engage students in the most effective way possible with the support of all partners and collaborators.