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CCA Carnival

05 January 2018

The annual CCA Carnival was held in school on Friday, 05 Jan 2018. The objective of the CCA Carnival is to allow all Secondary One students to explore their interest in co-curricular activities and make an informed choice. Parents were also invited to attend the event.


The carnival included a CCA bazaar and a Performing Arts showcase. In the CCA bazaar, all twenty CCAs set up individual booths at the Indoor Sports Hall, Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH) and around the parade square. Upper Secondary students showcased what their respective CCAs had to offer and attempted to recruit interested Secondary One students to join their CCAs.


The highlight of the carnival was the Performing Arts showcase held at the MPH. The one-hour showcase included entertaining performances put up by Chinese Dance, Chinese Drama, Chinese Orchestra, Choir, Festival Drums, Guzheng Ensemble, International Dance and Symphonic Band.


Secondary One students and their parents were impressed with both the CCA bazaar and Performing Arts showcase in how they enhanced the buzz and vibrancy of the CCA Carnival. The carnival kick-started students’ one-month long CCA experience over the next few weeks, when they attended CCA sessions, selection trials, auditions and interviews before confirmation of their CCA.