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Fun with Calligraphy (Staff)

Traditionally, when Chinese New Year is nearing, the Chinese community will write auspicious characters on red rice papers and paste on the walls of their homes for decorative purposes. Such decorations are called couplets. The words written signify hope and well wishes for the upcoming new year.

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Annually, Chung Cheng High School (Yishun)’s Mother Tongue Languages Department (Chinese Unit) will organise a ‘Fun with Calligraphy’ session for all staff. This year, on 5th of February, all staff gathered at the AVA Room for a fun-filled and informative session as we revisited the significance of the activity, basking in good-willed camaraderie.

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As the red paper was passed around, Miss Zhu Peilin provided guidance on basic calligraphy strokes and how to write the auspicious characters. Since 2018’s zodiac is the dog, most staff chose to write the Chinese character ‘wang’. This is actually the barking sound of a dog and is a homophone to another word which means prosperity, heralding thus a prosperous year ahead.

All staff had an enjoyable time writing their own characters which they later took a photograph with. These photographs were then displayed at the foyer just outside the General Office during the Chinese New Year period, and subsequently returned to them for keepsake.  

As the activity ended on a high note, we look forward to another session of ‘Fun with Calligraphy’ in 2019!


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