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Secondary Four & Five Cohort Day

11 & 12 January 2018

The Secondary Four and Five students were engaged in meaningful activities for their cohort day this year.

Staying true to the theme of ‘Living the Chung Cheng Spirit’, our students demonstrated acts of kindness to the members of the public by offering help to carry their grocery bags. This, in turn, created an opportunity for members of the public to understand that Chung Cheng High School (Yishun) students are sincere and are willing to give back to the society.  As this was a collaboration with the North-West CDC, the students also played their part in spreading eco-friendly messages to the public. Although the day started out gloomy with grey skies, it got much brighter possibly because of the smiles our students brought upon our neighbour’s faces.

Each class accompanied by their Form Teachers were assigned an area of the Yishun neighbourhood where there were wet markets and supermarkets around. This made it easier for students to offer their help to the elderly and those in need. Our students also demonstrated resilience by persevering to approach the public even when their help was continuously turned down.

Streaks of creativity were also observed in our students. Below is a picture of students from 4H bringing in chairs and offering the elderly to take a sit to rest before continuing on.

Students from class 5B decided to go ahead with raising awareness on how to save energy even though their help was politely declined. Students from 5C took painstaking efforts to create posters as a way to save energy so as to captivate their audience.

With every experience our students go through, it is only made more meaningful when it iss reflected upon. Students worked on their reflections and presented to their peers on the second day of their Cohort Day activity. It was heartening to see students being candid with their reflections and how they realised that the obstacles they initially faced were common amongst their peers. It was also heart-warming to see their Form Teachers compliment and commend them for the efforts their students had put in.

The experience was definitely not the only time when our students came together to work towards a common goal. We are confident that our Secondary Four and Five students will seize every opportunity they get to ‘Live the Chung Cheng Spirit’.