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Secondary Three Cohort Camp

MOE Jalan Bahtera Adventure Centre

The Secondary Three cohort spent three days participating in fun-filled adventure activities conducted at the MOE Jalan Bahtera Adventure Centre. The drizzles that occurred throughout the three days of camp did not dampen the vibrant atmosphere. Conversely, the students were meaningfully engaged in the exhilarating, fun activities that they had the opportunity to participate in. 

Through the various activities planned, the following were effectively developed:

  • positive student-teacher relationship with the form teachers,
  • positive student-student relationship with classmates via shared experiences,
  • camaraderie among classmates,
  • resilience through shared challenging outdoor experiences,
  • an understanding of the impact and consequences of one’s decisions on self and others when navigating the activities, and
  • skills of simple navigation, field craft and meal preparation in the outdoors.

There is no doubt that the adventure activities organised were fun and exciting precisely because they included zipline, abseiling, archery warrior, low and high elements, rock climbing, outdoor cooking and other team-building opportunities!

Personal development is a key area that our trainers managed to focus on, ensuring that the participants internalised the Five Core SEL Skills of self awareness, social awareness, self management, relationship management and responsible decision making. This was achieved through the reflection process done following each activity. The facilitators also consolidated and reinforced the learning for the day before they turned in for the evening. 

The following outlines the various skills that our Secondary Three students have had the opportunity to engage in and develop through the camp activities:

Self Awareness
  • Identifying and recognising emotions
  • Accurate self-perception
  • Recognising strengths, needs and values
  • Self-efficacy
  • Spirituality

Social Awareness
  • Perspective taking
  • Empathy
  • Appreciating diversity
  • Respect for others

Self Management
  • Impulse control and stress management
  • Self-motivation and discipline
  • Goal setting and organisational skills

Relationship Management
  • Communication, social engagement and building relationships
  • Working cooperatively
  • Negotiation, refusal and conflict management
  • Seeking and providing help

Responsible Decision Making
  • Problem identification and situation analysis
  • Problem solving
  • Evaluation and reflection
  • Personal, moral and ethical responsibility