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Secondary Three LLP Photography Workshop

Event/Programme Name:  Sec 3 LLP Photography Workshop

Event/Programme Day/Date: 12, 13 and 14 March 2018

Venue: CCHY and Marina Barrage

Organisers/Organising Committee:

Aesthetics Department (LLP-Learning for life programme)

Write-up Title: Secondary Three LLP Photography Workshop

Lines. Shapes. Patterns. Colours. Textures. The Secondary Three Art students spent three days of their March holidays poring over cameras. Nailing a perfect shot means that the students need a keen eye for detail, and ensuring that their shots are timed perfectly. After getting the mundane, yet very necessary technical aspects of photography out of the way, the students were able to try their hands at taking good shots; at least better shots than they did before.

Students enjoying their photo shoots.JPG

Better still, they were ready to try their hands at shooting outdoors. On the second day, their photography route took them on a Learning Journey to the Marina Barrage. Boring, right? Wrong. The students were able to choose their own subjects for the shot and put to practice what they picked up on the first day. Things of nature were their favourite to shoot. Flora of all sorts filled the memory cards of their cameras. Not forgetting the fauna too! A coy little lizard made it onto the palm of a student and sat their calmly, waiting for his claim to fame.

Jolyn Ong 3B (3).jpg

All armed and ready with their shots, the students returned the next day for the third and last day of the programme. They were given a crash course in editing photos. Staring at the many shots taken the day before, and feeling like a well-seasoned photographer, the students sat through their time editing their prized possessions. They were tasked to pick at least five of the best shots and manipulate it such that it is worthy of a frame and be hung up on walls of a photography exhibition.

Kwang Jun An 3A.jpg

Photography skills done, and on to the next. Now that is another skill in the arsenal of an Art student.

Ms Marie-Elena Louisa Soliano