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Chung Cheng Championships

26 March, 14 - 15 May, 17 May and 21 May 2018

After the stressful mid-year examinations, the much anticipated Chung Cheng Championships was here again.

The inter-class and inter-CCA events were the most thrilling, with many matches ending up in ties or close victories. The teamwork and camaraderie displayed was spectacular, as participants concocted strategies and methodically executed them in near-perfect synergy. This certainly kept our audience on their toes, as they watched intently and periodically erupted into loud cheers to celebrate a victory or to encourage their class and peers to strive for gold!

For this year, there was an additional category, the ‘Chung Cheng Record Chapteh and Fitness Challenge’, which allowed the highest record holder of the day at each station to win attractive prizes. The response was overwhelming, as there were students constantly trying to break their peers’ record.

Apart from this, the addition of a new sport, Basketball, aimed to further strengthen team spirit amongst the students in the inter-class games, were totally exhilarating. In the inter-CCA category, the various CCAs came together and competed for the coveted championship title with zest and competitive spirit.

It is such a pity that all good things must come to an end. Overall, the event enjoyed great success in cultivating sportsmanship, team spirit and class unity among the students and the respective levels. The five days of friendly competitions were suddenly over and Chung Cheng Championships had to come to an end.

As we look forward to the event next year, let’s continue to keep the Chung Cheng spirit alive through the various sporting opportunities created for us!