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Mother Tongue Fortnight (Malay Language)

20 - 22 March 2018


This year’s Mother Tongue Fortnight programme for the Malay Language students was conducted by Wira Budaya, an organisation which aims to encourage and enhance an appreciation of Malay language and culture through a plethora of dedicated activities.


The Secondary One and Two students were introduced to the rich history of Dikir Barat. The vocalists, namely the Juara and Tukang Karut, were handpicked by the instructor to lead the chorus group known as the awok-awok to stage a mini-performance at the end of their session.


The Secondary Three students dug deep into their roots and learned how to write khat, a Jawi calligraphy which stemmed from the Arabic written language. They were taught to trace the Jawi alphabets before being given the artistic freedom to write their own name on a painted piece of wood as keepsake.


The Secondary Four and Five students also joined us in the Tarian Silat workshop. They were introduced to the three different types of silat by a practitioner of the art. Students showed off their punches and kicks at the end of the session, simultaneously learning self-defence tactics and having fun!