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Singapore Kindness Movement - Let Kindness Take Over

When Kindness Takes Over CCHY

25 - 27 Apr 2018

“When we are kind to others, it not only changes us, it changes the world.”

~ Harold Kushner, American Author

Over a three-day period, our dedicated PSLs organised a Kindness Campaign with the theme ‘Let Kindness Take Over’. Through this initiative, our PSLs seek to urge their peers to understand the contributions of the different individuals in our school community and realise how important each and every one is to the CCHY family. The campaign encourages students to show their gratitude and appreciation through little gestures. In addition, the aim of the campaign is to make performing kind deeds a daily habit for all in CCHY.

The campaign activities were held during recess time. The PSLs had set up a ‘Kindness Station’ in the canteen, centering on a different message each day. The first activity was a Song Dedication event. Students could dedicate special messages of appreciation or deliver words of encouragement to specific persons through our PSLs, who would play music on request over the public address system in the canteen. The PSLs had enjoyed the pleasure of watching their fellow schoolmates bask in the relaxed and joyful atmosphere at recess for the day.

The second kindness activity had brought forth plenty of smiles, good cheer and colour to CCHY as fresh flowers of various hues were brought into the school for students to pick up and present to any of the school staff members. Students were encouraged to pen a handwritten note to the staff to express their sincere gratitude. Recipients of these beautiful flowers include the school attendants, the canteen vendors, and of course the teachers!

The final activity involved students performing a kind act for their peers. Our very talented PSLs had created personalised, handwritten cards using calligraphy letterings. These fancifully crafted cards could be picked up by any student who would then present it to a friend to make his or her day. Some students also designed the cards with self-composed messages and artful illustrations!

The CCHY’s Singapore Kindness Campaign has been a gratifying project indeed for our PSLs, who successfully created a platform for kindness to grow within the school. Our PSLs truly believe that we can change the world - one kind deed at a time!