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校徽、校训 School Crest and Motto

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  • 三角形 代表董, 教, 学三位一体; 象征三方面齐心协力向上向善
The three vertices of the triangle represent the main pillars of the school: the School Management Committee, the Staff as well as the Students. It symbolizes the synergy of their cooperation in achieving excellence for the school.

  • 红色代表校训 :象征好学力行,自强不息。期借此激发学子发挥修身齐家, 卫国卫民之崇高品格
Red represents the school motto, symbolizing diligence and perseverance. It inspires our students to develop self- discipline and strength of character to put country before self.

  • 白色代表纯洁 :象征学识之传授与人格之培养并重。 冀莘莘学子成为品学兼优的青年
White represents purity, symbolizing the passing on of knowledge and the development of moral character.

校训 School Motto

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Success Through Diligence and Perseverance