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中正义顺咏青团 CCHY Alumni Youth Wing

About the CCHY Alumni Youth Wing

中正义顺咏青团, Chung Cheng High School (Yishun) Alumni Youth Wing (CCHY AYW), is an extended wing from the Alumni Group that was set-up in Feb 2010 to promote the Chung Cheng Spirit. It is a voluntary organisation that consists of graduates under the age of 21. CCHY AYW was set up to provide a platform for graduates to find means and measures to contribute back to the school for all the efforts the school has done to shape the graduates into the great individuals they are.

The AYW has enabled the graduates to practise the values, especially graciousness and contentment that they have inculcated throughout their years in CCHY. All these are done through the activities and events that the annually elected Executive Committee organised and carried out with the efforts of all alumnus pooled together. This organisation has become increasingly prominent over the years with the many activities and events that the graduates have organised themselves. Events such as Camp Exhibeo and Homecoming allowed graduates to place their trademark and stay connected to their alma mater and kept the doors opened for graduates to engage with their school teachers and their juniors.  

AYW Installation Ceremony

AYW.pngEarlier in January 2016, the AYW Installation Ceremony took place during the campfire of the Secondary 1 Orientation Camp where the 5th AYW EXCO officially handed over their positions to the 6th AYW EXCO. This was an honourable chance for the AYW to be recognised by Secondary 1 students who had just joined the Chung Cheng family. The Secondary 1 Orientation Camp was also another platform for the 6th AYW EXCO to participate in as it enabled them to welcome and interact with the Secondary 1 students. 



The 6th AYW EXCO is tremendously grateful and thankful for being given the chance to take up these leadership positions and lead all other graduates in practising their inculcated school values of giving back to their alma mater. We greatly thank the 5th EXCO for all the efforts and contributions they have done this far. In turn, the 6th AYW EXCO pledge to continue the legacy that the 5th EXCO has left behind and will strive to further unite all alumnus and bring AYW to new and greater heights. 

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