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Badminton (Merit)

Our Goals

  • To promote badminton as a sports and to increase awareness of the importance of healthy lifestyle.
  • To groom potential and promising young players.
Badminton, when plays at competitive level, demands high level of fitness of a player.   It is a sport that requires agility, aerobic stamina, strength, speed and precision.  Badminton also involves good motor coordination skills and the development of sophisticated racket skills. Mental concentration is part of the game as players continually anticipate and pre-empt the opponent's moves. It is a sport that provides a complete workout for the body and mind.
Each training session starts with warming-up exercises: stretching and running. It is then followed by drills and skill practices to improve the player’s performance. Games are then played to increase the intensity of the training and to exposes the players to the more tactical aspects of the sport.
As reported by Yeo Yaonian Wesley in School Magazine 2008
"What makes a good badminton player ? Is it the fast-acting mind of a thinker, or is it the sheer luck and skills of a sportsman? Well, there are many attributes beside these that contribute to a player's performance. Fortunately, all these attributes are what we have in our CCHY badminton squad.
Although our club had been low key in the last few years, things have since been looking up since the engagement of a new coach this year to raise the competence of our club members. With our talent, determination and enthusiasms for the game, we are optimistic that we will be able to succeed in the coming North Zone Tournament 2009. To strengthen our bond among the club members, we are also in the process of designing our new jersey. Thus, with so many factors in our favour, let us continue to be an energised and undaunted badminton squad. "