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OutDoor Activities Club (ODAC)

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The Outdoor Activities Club (ODAC) was set up to bring out every student’s potential, developing character, mental resilience and meet to life’s demands with tenacity. Every child will be given the opportunity to excel beyond his or her limits, and to feel a sense of satisfaction through outdoor activities. ODAC members will also learn to persevere through the challenging activities presented to them, as well as learn that results can only be achieved over time through sheer hard work and determination. Finally, ODAC members will apply these soft-skills learnt via ODAC activities to the realms of academia.


  • To inculcate knowledge of safe practices for partaking in fitness or sports activities effectively.
  • To provide opportunities to practice proper techniques and skills for developing fitness effectively.
  • To provide avenues to develop skills to be a team player and team leader.
  • To participate progressively in more challenging activities and competitions.
  • To foster a love for the environment and outdoor activities.
  • To develop a love for sport and fitness for the pursuit of good health and its maintenance.
  • To contribute to sustaining the environment and promote the importance of well-being to others.


Mr Sreenivasan (Coordinator)
Mr Jeffrey Ong
Ms Melissa Chia Pei Shan
Mr Gary Peh

Training Schedule






3.30pm - 6.30pm

3.30pm - 6.30pm

Various locations within & outside school

Various locations within & outside school


  • National Inter-Schools Cross Country Championships
  • Wings X-Country Championships

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