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Vision & Mission

We aim to be an artistic and versatile group whose passion for singing surpasses other art forms.


To develop musically, acquiring skills in:

  • part-singing - Soprano, Alto & Bass (SAB) voice parts
  • reading music notation (sight-sing from music scores)
  • voice control through correct breathing techniques and posture
  • extending voice range through vocalises
  • choreographing movements to music


To be part of a team and work together as one,

  • developing social and communication skills,
  • be imbued with values, such as integrity, perseverance and resilience,
  • enjoying the experience and the camaraderie 


Mr Sim Kok Heng (Coordinator)
Mdm Chen Chung Yi
Mdm Marie Elena Louisa Soliano
Ms Koh Hui Wen

Training Schedule




Tuesday & Friday

3.30 PM- 6.30PM

Music Room