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IDA’s NEU PC Plus ProgrammeIDA’s NEU PC Plus Programme

The NEU PC Plus Programme offers students and persons with disabilities from low income households the opportunity to own a brand new computer at an affordable price. 

The programme provides the following schemes:

  • The PC-Bundle scheme provides two tier subsidy for applicants to own a new computer with free software and three years of free subscription to broadband services. 
  • The iNSPIRE Fund scheme offers financial assistance to full-time students (aged 25 years and below) who are unable to co-pay for the computer applied under the PC-Bundle scheme.




  • The application form can be downloaded from our website 
  • Applicants who have submitted their application form and would like to convert to the new PC and broadband options, are to provide the revised Conversion Form from the website and submit by 15 Nov 2016. 


For enquiries, you may email ida_neupc@ida.gov.sg or call IDA NEU PC Helpline@ 6684 8858.
For more details, do visit the IDA website www.ida.gov.sg