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Design & Technology Unit

2011 Creative Innovation Award

MOE D&T award is a move to recognise the outstanding designs of the secondary school students. Nigel Ang Yee Kiat of class 4A (2010) has done our school proud by clinching a creative innovation award in this year, after pitting against many prestigious participating secondary schools from all the three streams, with his collapsible shoe rack design.

During the pitching session held at Victoria Secondary School in March 2011, the panel of judges was filled with praises for Nigel's creativity and innovation. Quoting from what one of the judges said, "It's an Ikea concept, this idea can be sold to Ikea". Yes! This innovation adopts the concept of flat-packed, collapsible and minimalistic design.

His design uses simple lines and curves to bring out the elegance and incorporating mechanical concept of linkages to enable the design to be collapsible. Simplifying complex ideas to allow economically viable business ideas requires a lot of planning and consideration in the construction and manufacture process. A simple design with its sleek beauty and versatility of use: using it as a book rack, newspaper or magazine rack; has no doubt won the admiration of the judges.

From the creative process to the critical thinking process to make a dream or idea come through took Nigel eight months to materialise his dream - to see his ‘baby' comes to life! 

It was never an easy task, but he never gave up!

If Nigel is a Normal Technical student and he can do it, YOU CAN DO IT! This is our CCHY spirit of striving for excellence. Remember if he can do it, SO CAN YOU!

Written by : Mr Roy Chew (D&T teacher)

Activities in 2009

Students went through 2 days of workshop on design on 17th and 18th March 2009.

On 25 May 2009, Sec 2 cohort attended a talk by Temasek Polytechnic's Design lecturer.

On 26 May 2009, Sec 1 cohort took part in the school's Bridge Building Challenge.


Year / Date Competition Achievements
2010 MOT Water Grand Prix
Fastest Water Craft
category: Merit award
1. Zeng Ding(3H),Raynold Ng(3H) & QIAN TAO(3H)
2. Yap Quan Rui(3D), Ho Yong Xun (3D)
7 July
Marine Quiz
an inter-school quiz competition
@ the marine innovation and learning carnival 2009
14 April
Design & Technology CoE South Zone Millennium Race
Champion in the invitational motorized speed category and overall category (Speed and design).
by Ang Long Jiun (3E) & Wong Chie Hui Noel (3E)

1 st Runner up in the invitational non-motorized speed category and overall category (Speed and design).
by Zac Kwok Jing Wen (3A) & Ng Bao Kuang (3E)

2 nd Runner up in the invitational non-motorized speed category and overall category (Speed and design).
by Aaron Chew Chuan Yuan (3D) & Teng Jia Qing (3E)
8 Jan
Young Designer Award Competition
Bronze Award(Junior Category) for the project 'Just Sit Down'
by Chee Hui Min, Neo Rong Fang, Chen Wenshi Lisa, Poon Man Yun & Koh Hui Jia Lydia from class 2H.
2 Apr
Design & Technology CoE South Zone Millennium Race
Overall Champion (Invitational Category)
1st in non-motorized invitational speed category
2nd in the non-motorized invitational design category
1st prize for the overall category(speed and design)
by Chan Whye Shan and Foo Wenxian  

2nd in speed category
by Bianca Su Fen Gill and Lim Xiao Mei
2007 Design & Technology Award, organised by MOE/CPPD
Creative Aesthetics Award
2007 Steam-Powered Car Boat Race organised by Ngee Ann Polytechnic
by Joel, Kenneth, Wong Her Lang
2007 On the spot "Kooti Kooti" Challenge
Champion Award
2007 Toy Design Competition organized by Singapore Polytechnic
Top 10 positions for work 'Subwave'
by Ang HuI Li, Bernice Beh and Chang Jing Yi of 1G
2007 'Toy that teach' in RJC Toy Inventors' Challenge
1 st Runner-up
by Tan Xin Ru (1G)
2006 LifoRobo Competition
2 Bronze Awards
2006 Logistikos.06
Champion team
2006 Design & Technology CoE South Zone Millennium Race
Achieved 1st Runner up in the design category in the non-motorised race
RJC's Toy Inventors' Challenge
From 109 entries from Junior Colleges, Top Secondary Schools and Institutes, Chung Cheng's entries of 'Reflection Shooting' obtained a top consolation prize.
2006 Young Entrepreneurship Challenge at Singapore Polytechnic
Merit Award for the entry 'The Ultra-Toilet Seat'
ECE-RACER Competition at 
Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Gold Award (School League Challenge)
2 Merit  Award (Team Event)
Most Stylish Racer Award
2005 Automa.05 1 st Runner Up
2005 Design & Technology CoE South Zone Millennium Race
2 nd Runner up in the invitational non-motorized design category
by Tong Wen Bin(1G),Tan Sin Ren(1G)