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Choral Reading Workshop

25 & 26 January 2018

This programme piqued my interest the moment I heard about it. I have never heard of choral reading before.

The workshop aimed to teach us how to be expressive in reading aloud. We learnt that emphasis on different words could change the meaning of the sentence. It is no wonder that we sometimes end up misunderstanding one another!

Choral reading presentation.jpg

To help us further grasp the skill of dramatising our reading, the two friendly instructors played a short and simple game - impromptu acting. You could really tell that some of us were getting into character. I was amazed by the fact that just changing your voice or even adding a few gestures could change the meaning of the story. Who would have known that an actor existed within us?


After learning these skills, we attempted to perform a short poem. We were given half a day to memorise and prepare our acts. I’d say that I was pretty impressed with the outcome. What shocked me the most was when my classmate, Justin, went up to the front of the class and spoke louder than usual. He no longer spoke in a barely audible voice. Instead, he was confident and projected his voice well. To see such a drastic change in a short period of time was incredible.

I think that the most memorable part of this workshop was teamwork. Being the leader in a group was pretty challenging. You cannot be avaricious and take all the lines and good acting parts for yourself. In fact, I had to allocate parts to my teammates to ensure everyone had a chance to shine onstage.


The workshop was really an eye opening experience for me as I didn’t realise that our body language can convey so many different types of emotions!

Mishka Lai Syin Yu (1H)