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Secondary One Orientation Camp

11 to 12 January 2018

The annual Secondary 1 Orientation Camp (S1OC) is organised to welcome our Secondary One students to our Chung Cheng family, and to Grow their Chung Cheng Heart by helping them to know, understand and develop their love for Chung Cheng. Organised by our dedicated Student Council, and supported by our Peer Support Leaders, our campers definitely had a fruitful 2 days of day-camp immersed in our Chung Cheng Spirit.


Bearing in mind our aim to provide the most unique and enriching experience for our campers, we opted for an Orientation Camp themed ‘Retro’; a style from the past. Through this, we hope our campers are able to experience a familiar setting that is filled with fun and laughter and most importantly, flooded with friendship. There is so much to reflect on and learn from our past, and this is apt for our Secondary One campers who are starting their new journey in our school, without dismissing their rich experience in their previous schools.


One of the many highlights of this S1OC is the ‘Kite Flying’ activity. Armed with the many materials they brought from home, our campers came together to make their own personalised kites, complete with their aspirations on it. It was heartening to see their efforts, especially the excitement painted on their faces as the campers compete to have their kites soar into the sky. Disappointments were inevitable but their positive spirit was applauding as they cheered for the kites that successfully took flight. Many lessons were achieved through this simple yet engaging activity. Just like the kites, we hope our campers aspiration will continue to soar high. If they don’t, we hope our campers understand that there may be hiccups along the way but there are always supportive individuals, who are their teachers, peers and seniors, who are more than willing to help them cushion their fall. 好学力行, success through diligence and perseverance. Therefore, they Learn, Strive and Improve!!


The camp ended with La Grande (Disco Night). Filled with songs suited to the theme Retro, our campers prepared great performances and a disco ball of their own. Our MPH came alive, as the cohort sang and danced together. That moment signified the cohort’s bond, with their fellow classmates, peers from other classes, facilitators and teachers!

The curtains were drawn to a close as the Secondary One Year Heads presented the campers with their school badge, a significant event as it marked the completion of their orientation days. It was a memorable sight as our student leaders assisted with the pinning of the school badge on their juniors, extending warm and encouraging words to them. Wearing the badge with pride for the first time, our Secondary One students officially began their secondary school education journey in Chung Cheng.

“While planning for S1OC, we spent sleepless nights in hopes of organising the best camp for all Secondary Ones. At the end of the 2-day camp, our efforts paid off the moment I saw smiles and laughters. The journey may not be easy but if given the chance, I would definitely take up the challenge yet again just to see our juniors grin from ear to ear!”

  • Crystal Khoo 4E, S1OC Camp Chief

We hope that through this camp, the Secondary One students were able to learn about our rich school culture and spirit. Even though it was a short 2 days, but the wonderful memories created and the strong bond forged between our facilitators and the campers will surely be embossed in our hearts and etched in our minds. Our Student Leaders would like to thank everyone who have made this camp possible and we wish the Secondary One students a fruitful journey ahead.

爱我中正,由我开始!Ai Wo Chung Cheng, You Wo Kai Shi!

Chu Jia Xuan (4G) and Au Yeung Tsz Ching (4G)

Public Relations Committee

Student Council