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Secondary Two Ruan Playing Workshop

15 January - 02 March 2018

As part of developing student interest in music, a five-week ruan-playing workshop was conducted for all Secondary Two classes from 15 January to 02 March during general music lessons.

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Students had to learn to play two songs, one chosen by the teacher (feng yang hua gu) and another popular song of their own choice. Students formed their own groups of five or six and had to decide on their choice song by the second lesson. They were only required to play one verse or the chorus of the song. After students’ choices were confirmed, the instructor prepared the cipher notation of the songs by listening to them on the Internet and printing out the song notes in numbers. By referring to the finger chart displayed on the screen and the printed cipher notation given to them, students were able to practise and learn the song.

Feedback on students’ ruan-playing was done weekly. Students in each group formed pairs and assessed each other based on band descriptors shown in ‘My Musical Growth Chart’ (MMGC). Group assessment was also done in the final lesson when each group presented their song to the class.

Students clearly found the experience enriching given their feedback on the workshop:

  1. The programme was enjoyable, fun and meaningful.                                                                                                

  2. It provides an interesting experience.

  3. Students had to learn to work together to develop discipline and patience.

  4. The ruan is a new instrument to learn and it is easier as compared to the guitar.                                           

Mdm Chen Chung Yi

Music Unit