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Staff Lo Hei

27 February 2018

One of the Chinese New Year traditions that the staff celebrated together annually is 'Loi Hei'. 'Lo Hei', which is in Cantonese, means 'tossing up good fortune'. It is a ritual of tossing the Yu Sheng (Prosperity Toss) while uttering auspicious phrases before eating the raw fish salad.

Before the celebration, members of the Staff Welfare Committee came together to prepare the tables and Yu Sheng. Chinese New Year cookies were also provided so that everyone was able to bask in the festive Chinese New Year atmosphere.

Following some instructions, everyone began to prepare the dish, adding ingredients such as turnips, crackers, shredded vegetables, condiments and seasoning one by one in a specific order while reciting wishes of luck and prosperity evoked by the names of the ingredients used. For example, when the oil and plum sauce were poured over the ingredients, phrases such as 财源广进 (Cai Yuan Guang Jin), which translates to "May you enjoy an abundance of wealth", were mentioned.

Finally, with the plate placed in the middle, everyone then tossed the ingredients high up into the air whilst exchanging blessings and words of prosperity amidst laughter and cries of joy, before settling down to enjoy their share of the Yu Sheng.

For our non-Chinese staff, it was certainly a meaningful opportunity to celebrate an important Chinese tradition together with their Chinese counterparts, and in retrospect, the event was a purposeful means to bring everyone together and an excellent break from the routines of everyday work.