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Total Defence Day Fest

13 February 2018

In commemoration of Total Defence Day, students and staff of Chung Cheng High School (Yishun) organised the Total Defence Festival 2018 (TDD FEST 2018). The event, held on 13 February 2018, saw a plethora of activities organised for our students. The Total Defence theme for the year is ‘Together We Keep Singapore Strong’.

TDD Fest 2018

Secondary One students were involved in the festival which aimed to create awareness about the importance of Total Defence in Singapore. Interactive activities were also held to provide opportunities for students to play their part in social and civil defence. They visited three stations to carry out hands-on activities to learn more about these two pillars of defence. The activities were conducted by students from National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC), National Cadet Corps (NCC), Scouts, St John’s Brigade (SJB) and the National Education (NE) Ambassadors.

The NPCC cadets conducted an activity where students were required to identify possible places where terrorist attacks may occur, followed by a short briefing on a mobile application called ‘SG Secure’. Students were educated on ways to identify suspicious items, persons and vehicles and providing the Singapore Police Force with important descriptions in the event of such attacks.

Other stations which also include the NCC station where students were tasked to role-play as military officers to clear out a room of terrorists, and along the way, look for items that could enhance their survival in times of emergency. The SJB and Scout cadets on the other hand, aimed to create awareness amongst students on how to manage basic injuries so as to better contribute during emergencies.

Interaction Session with SAF Veterans

The Secondary Two and Five students had an engaging interaction session with the SAF veterans of the SAF Veterans League in the Commitment to Defence (C2D) Programme. We were honored to have LTC (RET) Tan Swee Kee, LTC (RET) Andrew Tan, MAJ (RET) Peter Soh, MAJ (RET) Abdul Samad, MAJ (RET) Ibrahim Bulat, MAJ (RET) Maurice Sheares, MAJ (RET) Tommy Wong, MAJ (RET) Frank Chang and 2WO (RET) Derek Yeo who shared their stories and experiences during the Konfrontasi period with our students. Students also got to ask them questions related to Total Defence.

Mass Talk on Threats of Terrorism by Religious Rehabilitation Group

The Secondary Threes and Fours had an interactive talk on Terrorism by Mr Salim Mohamed Nasir and Mr Hoirull from the Religious Rehabilitation Group (RRG). In light of current global threats, the objective of this talk is for students to understand, discover and reflect on issues relating to terrorism and the threat of radicalization. Students were given the opportunity to ask questions and clarify any misconceptions.

In view of existing predicaments relating to the topic, the activities conducted have certainly engaged our students’ head, heart and hands. Together, as a school, we will do our part to keep Singapore strong by playing our part in Total Defence!

Never Again to Past Mistakes!

13 February 2018

A speech and classroom discussion on 13 February 2018 marked the commemoration of Total Defence Day at Chung Cheng High School (Yishun).

After a gruelling wait, the speaker emerged, to thunderous applause and eager grins. He spoke with rousing words about terrorism – the bane of a country’s peace. The scourge of humanity, razing countries and massacring millions, leaving destruction, agony and countless broken hearts in its wake. He intricately explained radicalization, a process of conversion akin to a creeping affliction, slowly consuming and taking over a person’s thoughts.

Back in the classroom, we recalled the occupation of World War 2, when our oasis of calm crumbled to nothing within the span of a week. Now, it’s climate change we face – more ruinous than any grenade, revolver or tank. Living on a tiny dot on the map, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature’s fury and yet, we choose to keep our foolish ways and neglect the very planet we live on.

When the lesson ended, we realised that too often, we have taken our peace for granted, too often we have turned a blind eye to the writing on the wall, and if it continues, we will undoubtedly pay a painful price.

We have to learn to say, “Never again!” to our past mistakes. We have to protect what we have been taking for granted, to do our best to protect our status as a sovereign nation. We have to safeguard our peace. We have to defend our country, Singapore.

Freesia Shee (3E)