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14 April 2018

On 14 April 2018, our school concert, ‘Artstravaganza 2018’, was held at Victoria Concert Hall. We showcased some of the best performances from our very own Chinese Orchestra, Guzheng Ensemble, Choir and Symphonic Band.

The performers made our school very proud when they played and sang their best, to bring us a night of enchanting melodies, overcoming all challenges and obstacles - juggling school work and the demands of rehearsals - together as one, with grit, demonstrating our school value of resilience.

Despite the long and intense rehearsals, the performers had a lot of fun, motivating one another to outperform themselves, and keeping their spirits high. The performers also received a lot of encouragement, cheers and well-wishes from their teachers, instructors, and alumni, which spurred them on to perform with so much joy, enthusiasm and passion!

At the end of the day, the audience was enthralled by the performances and had nothing but praises. It was a delightful sight to see many performers receiving bouquets from their fans. It was indeed a night to remember, for both the performers and audience alike.

Iqmal Hakim (4D)