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Secondary One World Water Day

14 May 2018

Reflecting on what he has learnt, Evan opined, “Before, I used to think that water is unlimited. Now, I feel that water shortage is a serious issue. I learnt that Singapore’s water resources like catchment areas are actually unreliable due to climate change”.

Evan was one of nine students who presented in the World Water Day Programme. The programme was met with excitement as Geographers had pre-cursor in-class activities, viewed a panel display exhibition and made morning announcements where interesting water trivia was shared with the school. The programme was held on a Thursday afternoon catered to the Secondary One Express and Normal (Academic) students.

The programme was a commemoration of World Water Day and aimed to:

  1. Remind everyone of the water challenges that people around the world face,
  2. Deepen students’ understanding of how Singapore ensures water security for citizens, and
  3. Motivate students to take action to use water responsibly.

Geographers were treated to an afternoon of activities, where there was ample sharing of world news, trivia, videos and quizzes all presented by their peers!

There were also prizes awarded to top video submissions. These videos were part of the Geographical Investigation task, showcasing their findings on the water quality in our local waterways and their reflections on how their understanding of water as a resource has changed.

The top five winners were:

  1. 1H Group 3 - Amanda Chan Yi Ning, Lim Zi Yu, Lim Ruei Kee Rachael, Lim Hui Sammi, Mishka Lai Syin Yu
  2. 1G Group 2 - Hakim Syafiq Bin Yazeed, Foo Kain Xiang, Chia Ming Jun, Shawn, Elston Lee Pereira, Nicolas How Yi Hong
  3. 1F Group 1 - Chong Jia Shuo, Poh Guan Qin Nicholas, Amelia Ong Yihui, Jodi Poon Minxin, Gibson Lee Guangqi
  4. 1B Group 6 - Nor Hamsyari Bin Nor Effendy, Shih Hao An, Ron Lee En Lei, Ruzaini Aiman Bin Salleh, Quek Zhan Qi
  5. 1C Group 1 - Toh Wei Guo, Soh Choon Hwe, Chong Cheng Hei, Dexter Yeo Yu Jun, Xander Hiah Rui Feng

Commendation prizes also went to:

  1. 1E Group 2 - Ashraven S/O Sivaraman, Avelynn Li Shiying, Bettina Ang Wen Xin, Chan Yun Han, Chen Jue An
  2. 1H Group 7 - Justin Yeo Dong Hui, Sim Yu Herng, Koh See Mian, Chia Qi En, Cindy Khoo Xin Yi
  3. 1C Group 4 - Joycelyn Wang Jia Xuan, Kathlyn Ho Yun Xun, Wong Xue Ning Guinevere, Ng Jing Wen, Ravikumar Tejashiwani

Presenters shared their household monthly water consumption and possible strategies that will help conserve water in their households. Vincent discovered that his household water consumption was very high in February and attributed it to his family’s preparation for Chinese New Year. Subsequently, he noted that apart from February, the water consumption of his household is not far from the national average. Brandon suggested three water saving strategies he wished to adopt to lower his household water consumption.

The day ended with Geographers leaving with 'I save' pledge goody bags in their hands as well as a renewed drive to take action whenever necessary.