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Fire Precautions & Emergency Evacuation

Whoever is the first to notice the fire/emergency will inform the Principal/Vice Principal/HODs. Immediate steps will be taken to call the Fire Brigade (Tel No: 995) and activate the fire drill/SOP evacuation plans.


  • The school bell/hand bell will ring continuously for about 1 minute.
  • Students are advised to be calm. Walk swiftly and assemble in an orderly manner. Do not panic or talk.

Actions to be taken by students

In class
  • Stop work immediately.
  • Switch off all fans and lights.
  • Move out in twos and assemble in the school field.

At the assembly area
  • Maintain silence at the assembly area.
  • Listen to instructions from teachers.
  • Monitors will assist teachers in taking attendance.

Additional Points to note
  • The direction of movement during evacuation depends on the location of danger. The staff and students should be familiar with alternative exits or evacuation routes. Should a specific staircase be shut off or rendered unsafe for use due to smoke or fire, alternative routes should be used.
  • All students should respond to the warning signal and leave the premises when the fire alarm is sounded.
  • The administrative staff and departmental assistants will ensure that class registers and all important documents are removed from the office/laboratories.