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Mother Tongue Language

As a school that was founded upon Chinese traditions and education beliefs, Chung Cheng High School (Yishun) has remained steadfast over the years in the implementation of Chinese Language (CL) programmes. The school was officially declared as the N2 Cluster Centre of Learning of Chinese Language (CoLCL) in 2008 by Ms Grace Fu, then Senior Minister of State for Ministry of National Development and Ministry of Education. Since then, the school has played an active role in serving the Cluster’s CL teachers by facilitating professional development training through collaboration with agencies such as the Singapore Centre for Chinese Language (SCCL) and Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB).

Since our relocation to Yishun in 2005, CCHY reaffirmed her commitment to serving the needs of the community better by offering Malay Language (ML). The ML unit, staffed by a group of dedicated and passionate teachers, put in their best effort to secure encouraging results in the National Exams year on year despite a comparatively smaller cohort of students.

Working hand-in-hand, the CL and ML unit deliver complete and comprehensive MTL programmes that are fully in-line with MOE’s stand of Bilingualism as a cornerstone of Singapore’s education system (2010 MTL Review Committee Report, MOE) to Nurture Active Learners and Proficient Users of MTL.

The MTL Department offers the following Instructional Programmes:

  • Normal (Technical): Basic Chinese Language N(T), Basic Malay Language N(T)
  • Normal (Academic): Chinese Language N(A), Malay Language N(A)
  • Express: Chinese Language, Higher Chinese Language, Malay Language, Higher Malay Language
  • Students who offer Tamil Language will attend lessons in other schools within the vicinity that have been designated as Tamil Language Centres.

The MTL Department also runs the Dizigui Programme as part of the school’s CCE curriculum for all students. Students whose MTL is Chinese attends lessons in Chinese, whereas students who offer other MTLs attend the lessons in English.


中正中学(义顺)母语部华文组秉承教育部“乐学善用”的校训,为学生提供丰富、多元的华文课程。华文成绩优异的学生,可以在达到学校所设定标准的条件下 ,晋级升读普通(学术)华文、快捷华文或者高级华文。我们针对学生的优势和特长进行分班教学,保底拔尖,近年来N、O水准成绩进展稳健。



  • 母语双周
  • 教育部《驻校作家计划》
  • 教育部《文化随意门》
  • 《全国小学华文戏剧营》
  • 中一、二年级“书法乐”活动
  • 传统节日庆祝活动:农历新年联欢会、中秋节联欢会

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