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Physical Education

  • After PE lessons, students are not allowed to go to the Cafeteria for drinks unless under the supervision of their PE teacher
  • Students are not to loiter in the Cafeteria or along the corridor after PE lessons. They are to move quickly as a class back to the classroom.

  • PE being part of the curriculum is compulsory.
  • Students can only be excused from PE lessons for one or more of the following reasons:
    • Medical reasons
    • Recovery from recent illness
    • Injury
  • Students absent without a valid reason will face disciplinary action

  • Students are to be dressed in the standard school T-shirt and shorts and white rubber shoes. No other T-shirts (including CCA T-shirts) will be allowed

  • Only teachers are allowed to sign out equipment from the PE department.
  • Borrowers / Users of school equipment will be responsible for any loss or damage. They will be required to replace the item if the loss or damage is due to negligence
  • All equipment must be returned to the PE department after use regardless of their condition

NAPFA - Physical Fitness Test

The NAPFA, which comprises of six test items, is administered to all medically fit students in schools. In our school, we have always emphasized to our students the importance of fitness and healthy life style.

Students are to report punctually in the PE attire. They should also have enough rest and drink plenty of water on the night before the test.

Students who are on medical leave for that day will have to take the test on another day. Only students who are on long-term medical leave will be exempted from taking the test.

2.4 KM Run Test for NAPFA. Please click on the link below for more information.

PE Grade

Students will be assessed in PE in four areas:
  • NAPFA test
  • Attitude (attendance and attire)
  • Skills (practical)
  • Knowledge on games and health matters (quiz)


  • Annual Sports Meets
  • Sec 1 Camp
  • Sec 1 CCA Orientation
  • Sec 3 Leadership Camp
  • Sports Carnival
  • Health Fitness

Health Education

Health Education programmes include talks on drugs and smoking, teen crimes and healthy lifestyles.