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Department Vision

"Every Student is a Passionate and Competent Scientist"


  1. Effective and Engaging Curriculum
  2. Enriching Science Experience
  3. Passionate, Competent and Committed Leaders of Inquirers
Believing in developing CCHY students into passionate and competent scientists, the Science department has provided the students with different types of science learning experiences within and beyond the classroom. Within the classroom, the students have the opportunities to carry out the inquiry based learning. The department adopted “Visible Teaching and Learning” strategies such that teaching and learning is made visible to both the teachers and the students.

The department offers the following sciences:

  1. Lower Secondary Science
  2. Biology
  3. Chemistry
  4. Physics
  5. Science (Chemistry/Physics)
  6. Science (Biology/ Physics)
  7. Science (Biology/Chemistry)
  8. Normal Technical Science

Some of these experience beyond the classroom include:

  1. Termly Science Challenge in CCHY
  2. Learning Journey
  3. Marigold Festival Challenge
  4. Eureka held by RJC
  5. NUS Chemistry Challenge
  6. Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad (SJBO)
  7. STEP Sunburst Youth Educators Programme

Sec 3 Learning Journey to the Zoo.jpgSec 3 Learning Journey to the Zoo

Winners of SJBO and Termly Science Challenge 2017.jpg
Winners of SJBO and Termly Science Challenge 2017

Marigold Festival Challenge 2017.jpg
Marigold Festival Challenge 2017