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In CCHY, the school’s Applied Learning Programme which focuses on Food Science and Technology is helmed by the science department.


In Secondary 1, students will take up a Foundation module which focuses on Food Chemistry, Food Microbiology, Food Preservation and Processing while in Secondary 2, students are able to choose 2 modules (Coffee, Food Biotechnology (Fermentation) and Traditional Chinese Medicine(Food Therapy)) based on their interest for specialization. The Secondary 3 and 4 students are given an opportunity to choose modules such as Chemistry of Chocolate, Yoghurt Making and Molecular Gastronomy at the Science Centre.

To allow the students to see how these knowledge and skills are applied in the real world contexts, the Secondary 2 students were brought to Kim Guan Guan Coffee Powder Factory, Lee Wee Brothers, Eu Yan Sang Clinic (South Bridge). In collaboration with the Green Club, a team of teachers brought a group of students to Vertical Farm at Bukit Panjang Park to learn about the learning and harvesting of vegetables and herbs in a modern farming approach.

For students who are interested to further pursue their interest in coffee, these group of students get a chance to be trained as coffee baristas and to brew the school’s special blend of coffee in our school café, The Coffee Story, 湖畔心香.

The school had set up an edible garden Tong Xin Yuan (同心圆) which is used as an outdoor experiential learning for the students to experience the farming and the processing of the food source.

During TCM Lesson.jpgDuring TCM Lesson

During Fermentation Lesson.jpgDuring Fermentation Lesson

Project showcase at Shell STEM Youth Innovation Challenge.jpgProject showcase at Shell STEM Youth Innovation Challenge

Ms Wendy Ong working closely with the students at the Tong Xin Yuan.jpg
Ms Wendy Ong working closely with the students at Tong Xin Yuan

Our CCHY Baristas with the two trainers.jpg
Our CCHY Baristas with the two trainers