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Global Classroom


  • To deepen understanding and appreciation of others’ cultures.
  • To inculcate a global mindset and awareness.
  • To respect different perspectives and learn from different education system.
  • To develop a sense of rootedness and sense of belonging to Singapore.

Cross-Cultural Learning & Cultural Immersion, Central Vietnam

Experiential learning to apply theory and content to real world experiences

Students will explore the theme on hybridisation and homogenization of culture as they make observations about foreign influences on the architecture of buildings and participate in traditional activities.

Students will put into practice the principles of responsible tourism and reflect on their actions that contribute towards sustainability of tourism in the places they visit.

Cross-Cultural Learning & Exchange, Beijing

  • To develop 21st Century Competency of Global Awareness by exposing students to the culture, history and education system of China;
  • To develop in students 21st Century Competency of Cross-cultural Skills by interacting with students from our twinning school in Beijing;
  • To enrich students’ experiences in the learning of the Chinese Language and Culture.

Youth Leader Summit-Suzhou China Trip

The objective of this trip is to raise social and political awareness, and to hone leadership skills for our students.

Talent Development & Cultural Immersion Kyoto, Japan

The objective of this trip is to increase awareness of Science and Technology Education in Japan, fostering global perspective for students.