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Positive Education

Our journey in fostering Positive Wellbeing through Positive Education

First steps

There is consensus that positive emotions, resilience, optimism and a sense of control over life are key ingredients of a healthy emotional and mental outlook in life in the 21st century.  This explains the school’s interest in Positive Education (PosEd) that brings together the science of Positive Psychology with what happens in and around the classroom. We believe in shaping young people’s state of mind and emotional development to enable them to thrive and flourish.  

We took guidance from Geelong Grammar School’s model for PosEd which sees flourishing simply as both ‘feeling good’ and ‘doing good’. Chung Cheng Yishun’s  ‘Wellbeing’ model focuses on building the culture of care where students and staff can ‘flourish’, experience positive emotions, are motivated and engaged in learning and teaching.

Our PosEd journey starts with focusing on teacher wellbeing as a priority as teachers create and define the inclusive and safe learning environment which has a positive effect on the wellbeing of their students. We believe that adults should model the traits which they hope to foster and embody the change they hope to inspire in their students. Personal application and experience is the best advocate and only through authentic role modelling will there be a sustained change in the school community. 

‘Feel Good and Do Good’ Movement in Chung Cheng Yishun

Our model focuses on 3 of Seligman’s 5 elements of optimal wellbeing – PERMA, namely,

·         P” the emotional wellbeing (feelings of happiness, satisfaction and positive feelings about self),

·         “R” the social wellbeing (feeling connected to others and valued by the community) and

·         “M” psychological wellbeing (personal growth, giving to others and living in accordance to values) for a more comprehensive approach to psychological health.  

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Think Positive, Talk Positive, Act Positive, Interact Positive

The taskforce started with an audit on existing wellbeing structures and practices using Appreciative Inquiry principles of what is working well, what is right and what is possible. With the help of consultants, the members identified key wellbeing concepts to be practiced by staff and students. Time and opportunity are dedicated to explicitly teach and incorporate PosEd concepts into the pre- existing curriculum and existing frameworks. 


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While some practices of PosEd are not entirely new as we already do some elements of it during Values-In-Action projects, lessons on values of grit and resilience or acts of showing gratitude and kindness, what’s new are the frameworks, research and language surrounding PosEd.

Embarking on this journey provides staff and students with an evidence-based research to support the strategies for enhancing wellbeing and the common language to build the culture of wellbeing. PosEd concepts and language are used in school activities and pastoral care to ensure consistency of message and not viewed as another ‘new flavor of the month’.

With the re-envisioning of the school’s vision and values in end 2019, the new narrative incorporates PosEd language to signify the commitment of the whole school community i.e.

Vision:                          A community of positive and future-ready leaders with a mindset for excellence.

School Values:            With Grit We Persevere; With Gratitude We Serve

ST1:                              Future-ready leaders with a positive mind-set anchored on school values

ST3:                              Competent and committed staff with a positive mindset who learn, live, teach and embed PosEd to                                                 create positive learning environment.

Some PosEd Practices in school (2019 – 2021)

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