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CCHY has constantly been attaining laudable results for both academic and CCA domains. These results serve as testaments of the institute's ability to nurture our students holistically. Our students are aptly prepared to receive post-secondary education upon graduation from CCHY.

Compulsory CCA Participation

CCA is an integral part of the student’s holistic education in school. Hence, CCA participation is compulsory at the secondary school level, and every student is expected to participate in a CCA from one of the four CCA groups, namely, Clubs & Societies, Physical Sports, Uniformed Groups (UG) and Visual & Performing Arts (VPA). Participation in a school-based CCA allows the teachers to guide and chart the development of the student beyond the learning from the subject disciplines in the classroom, in areas such as leadership and character development, and the 21st Century Competencies (21CC).

Sec 1 CCA Experience

1. Objectives:

a) To allow Secondary 1 students to explore their interest in Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) and make a more informed choice

b) To involve Upper Secondary students in the selection of CCA members via auditions, selection trials, and interviews

2. Duration:

It is compulsory for every student to be involved in a school-based CCA, taking up about 6 hours per week. Students have about 2 weeks in January to decide which CCA they are keen to participate in.

3. Content of Programme

The following activities will be conducted throughout the month of January:

  • CCA Open House on the Friday of Term 1 Week 1 and includes,
    • CCA Bazaar (setting up of CCA booths for canvassing and registration for auditions, selection trials or/and interviews)
    • Performing Arts Showcase
  • Scheduled auditions, selection trials and interviews during Term 1 Week 2 and 3

3.1 CCA Open House

A CCA Carnival will be held on the Friday of Term 1 Week 1. There are 2 segments to the Open House, namely, a CCA Bazaar, and a Performing Arts Showcase.

3.1.1 CCA Bazaar

CCA booths will be set up in Indoor Sports Courts, Indoor Sports Hall and along the walkway surrounding the Parade Square, from 2.30pm to 5pm. Upper Secondary students will be tasked to promote or pitch their CCAs to the Sec 1 students. As they share more information to our new students, they could encourage them to register for the CCA and attend the auditions or selections held over the next 2 weeks. 

3.1.2 Performing Arts Showcase

There will be a medley of short performances conducted by our Visual and Performing Arts CCAs. Similarly, Sec 1 students will be encouraged to sign up for the auditions or selection trials held over the next 2 weeks.

3.2 CCA Selection Process

Students may choose to go for auditions, selection trials and interviews conducted by the various CCAs. The schedule of the selection events, held during Term 1 Week 2 and 3, can be downloaded here: Sec 1 CCA Experience 2020_ Selection Dates.pdf

Students are strongly advised to be selected for only ONE CCA (~6 hours a week). 

Sec 1 students will also be required to indicate their Top 3 choices of CCA via Ask N Learn (see Table 1). In the unfortunate event, where any student is not selected by any CCA trials, his or her inputs of Top 3 CCA choices (via Ask N Learn) will be considered for the allocation of his/her CCA. However, the allocation will also be based on the vacancies available. 

The complete CCA selection process is illustrated in Figure 1 below.

CCA Selection Process.jpg



Fri 10 Jan 2020

CCA Open House

Mon 13 Jan to Thu 23 Jan

CCA Experience:

Students must attend auditions/interviews/selection trials

Wed 29 Jan

List of CCAs with vacancies will be published via TV Broadcast

(outside General Office)

Thu 30 Jan & Fri 31 Jan

Sec 1 students to key in their Top 3 choices via school portal, Ask N Learn

5 Feb

CCA Membership List for all Sec 1 students to be published via ASK N Learn

Table 1. Timeline

There are 22 CCAs in CCHY (see below). Based on MOE’s guidelines, every student should commit to a CCA taking up about 6 hours per week of their time. 

CCA 2020.jpg