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Wushu (武术), a form of modern Chinese martial arts is both a sport and a performance art. It mainly takes the form of routine exercises and free sparring.

Wushu routines are categorized into two styles, bare hand or weapon-play. It incorporates kicking, punching, throwing, seizing and joint lock techniques into set routine exercises, involving various combinations of offense and defense. Every movement must exhibit sensible combat application and aestheticism in Wushu.

It helps instill in students perseverance, discipline and confidence. The practice of Wushu improves students' strength, coordination, flexibility, balance and self-defence technique. Through training and competition, students' physical and mental strengths are put to the test. Perseverance is developed when students do not give up after vigorous training or experiencing failure in competition. Discipline is developed as students commit to regular and continued practices to improve their movements. Furthermore, confidence develops when art is executed under pressure during competition or performances.


Ms Katrina (Coordinator)
Mr Ronnie Yeo
Ms Liza

Training Schedule

Day Time Venue
Tuesday 3.45pm - 6.45pm Indoor Sports Court
Thursday 3.45pm - 6.45pm Indoor Sports Court


  • Annual National School Games Wushu Championships
  • Enrichment camps and workshops
  • Overseas camp
  • Team bonding sessions and activities, e.g. sports and outings etc

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