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Contributing Citizens of Good Character


To instil desired values in our students, develop their social emotional competencies and nurture their citizenship dispositions to enable them to contribute to the family, community, nation and the world.


1.    Character and Citizenship Curriculum

Our weekly class-based lessons consists of the following modules:

  • Values and Social Emotional Skills Module
  • Cyber wellness Module
  • Education and Career Guidance Module
  • Sexuality Education Module

2.    National Education Experiences

We nurture the citizenship dispositions of having a sense of belonging, a sense of reality, a sense of hope and the will to act in our students through

  • Commemoration of National Education events such as Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and National Day
  • National Education class-based just-in time packages, which are designed to enable our students to share their thoughts on contemporary issues and explore different viewpoints,
  • NRIC Presentation Ceremony for Secondary 3
  • National Education Ambassadors Programme

3.    Values in Action Programme

This is a key programme in providing a platform for students to apply what they have learnt in the CCE lessons such up upholding the values of respect, responsibility and grit during the project and applying communication and planning skills. This is also a key platform in developing the disposition of the ‘willingness to act’ to make a difference to the community.

School VIA Activities:

  • Spreading the Joy of the Lunar New Year: Chinese New Year Orange-Giving Activity
  • Chung Cheng High School Yishun 80th Anniversary: CARE by Chung Cheng

Class VIA Programme:

  • Lower Secondary programme : ‘Care, it starts with me’
  • Upper Secondary programme: ‘ Care for our Elderly’

A 2-year cycle approach for class VIA projects enable our students to understand more about the cause and improve their experiences.

The approach for the VIA Programme

VIA Programme.jpg