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Student Council

Our Vision

Exemplary and Competent Leaders


To mould student councils to become effective student leaders who proudly lead and serve the society and school with discipline, integrity and respect as well as to be able inspire the student body to achieve high standards of discipline.


To serve with honour and dignity.

About the Student Council

The Student Council serves to support the school and its staff in school operations, school events and the implementation of school initiatives. Student Councillors are chosen based on stringent selection criteria. The Executive Committee members are selected by the Student Council Advisory Committee while the President and Vice-President positions are selected by the Student Council through an election process.

The Student Council is headed by the President, assisted by a Vice-President and the departmental heads of the various working committees. They form the Student Council Executive Committee to ensure the councillors fulfill their responsibilities and duties effectively and uphold the image of the Council.

1. Criteria For Selection
  • Good Leadership & Character Attributes eg. integrity, compassion, courage & analytical skills
  • Good Academic Performances and CCA Records

2. Roles and Responsibilities
  • To set the standards for good conduct and discipline
  • To uphold and preserve the traditions of the school
  • To assist in the organization of major school functions and activities
  • To be voices of the student population
  • To be a concerned citizen and actively seeks to contribute to school or community improvements.

3. Awards
  • Awards will be given to deserving councillors to recognize their contributions to the school/community.
eg. Outstanding All-Rounder Student Award, Colours Award, EAGLES award

4. Special Programme : Leaders for Tomorrow Camp @ Guangzhou, Camp Zenith - Overseas Leadership Camp

Our Structure

Student Councillor Chart.jpg