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School Staff

School Leaders

Name Designation
Mr Tan Yee Kan Principal
Mrs Chong Lai Peng Vice-Principal 1
 Mr Chang Fook YongVice-Principal 2
Mr Melvin Cheong Vice-Principal (Administration)

Heads of Department

Name Head of Department Email Ext
Mrs Ang Lee Boon Humanities 219
Ms Low Geok Ling Mother-Tongue 220
Mr Lim Wee Keong Science 213
Ms Tan Mui Mui Mathematics 209
Mr Quek Wee Siong Aesthetics 216
Ms Isma Wati Sidik CCE 212
Mr Kenneth Ng Student Management 218
Mr Victor Tan PE and CCA 217
Mr Yong Yin Yee Year Head Upper Sec 215
Ms Wong Shing Liu
Year Head Lower Sec 210

Teaching Staff

Name of Teaching Staff Form Class CCA Email Ext
Mr Ang Ang Hui Jun Edwin 316
Ms Ang Ang Wee Hoon 4F Volleyball 275
Mdm Priya Anu Priya Nair Appukuttan 3E 260
Mr White Brett Allan Whiteway 3G Peregine Scouts Group 312
Mrs Goh Chan Bee Lian 4H Volleyball 281
Mdm Chen Chen Chung Yi 2F Green Club 282
Mdm Chew Chew Joke 279
Mr Chia Chia Poh Cheng 3E 271
Ms Chong Chong Lee Ching 4B Chinese Dance 278
Mr Chui Chui Ming Fa Benedict 3C Basketball (Boys) 270
Mr Fan Fan Yi Ming 4A NPCC 283
Ms Edina Edina Rahman 4F Journalism & Library 315
Ms Goh Goh Wen Ling Gloria 5C Chinese Orchestra 277
Mr Han Han Ji 4G Volleyball 276
Ms Ho Ho Soo Fern 1H Fencing 277
Mr Ong Jeffrey Ong Han Hoe 2C Outdoor Activities Club (ODAC) 252
Mdm Junaina Junaina Bte Ab Hassan 1F 262
Ms Junainah Junainah Bte Amran 1A Green Club 314
Ms Vanee Kallaivanee Paramaseevan 261
Ms Katrina Katrina Nur Hidayah Mohamad 3F Wushu 268
Mdm Lai Lai Sen Fong 288
Mr Lee Lee Kah Chin 321
Mr Lee Lee Kah Lin Alvin 4H NCC Air (Boys) 261
Ms Lee Lee Peiqi 4C 265
Mrs Yap Leong Sim Chun 326
Ms Liew Liew Huey Chyi 4G Guzheng Emsemble 286
Mr Lim Lim Chia Hwee 4B NCC Air (Boys) 263
 Ms Lim Lim Jia Ying 1B  273
Ms Lin Lin Siyue 3A Peregrine Scouts Group 256
Ms Lin Lin Xiaoying 3A Technopreneur Club 273
Ms Liyana Liyana Mohd Bakhit 2C Multimedia Club 269
Ms Low Low Li Shan 286
Mrs Goh Magdalene Joseph Marimuthu 251
Ms Kaur Manvinder Kaur 3C 259
Ms Maria Maria Duvalinda Agahari 3B Multimedia Club 253
Ms Chia Mellissa Chia Pei Shan 3H Festival Drums 266
Ms Nazeema Nazeema Parveen 3H Symphonic Band 251
 Mr NeoNeo Yao Kian Andy 2C 261 
Ms Ng Ng Boon Cheng Mabel 1C NPCC 265
Mr Ng Ng Jun Xiong  1ENPCC  328
Mr Ng Ng Yee Siong 4C Peregrine Scouts Group 279
Mr Ng  Ng Yong Hee Johnny 289 
Ms Seah Nicole Xin Yuen Seah 265
Ms Fazillah Noor Fazillah Noor Aziz 2B Dance Ensemble 253
Ms Norfida Norfida Alias
Festival Drums 267
Mrs Shah Norlizawati Juahil 4A Wushu 255
Ms Suzana Norsuzana Binte Saini 5B St John Brigade 302
Ms Jannah Nur Jannah Noor 2E Technopreneur Club 276
Ms Marlinda Nur Marlinda Aziz 1E Choir 317
Ms Radiana Nur Radiana Binte Yahaya 308
Ms Nurhayati Nurhayati Rahman 1G St John Brigade 256
Ms Ong Ong Chuhui 1G Journalism & Library 285
Mr Ong Ong JunJie Samuel 3F Symphonic Band 309
Mdm Pan Pan Kit Yin Mandy 1A Fencing 267
 Mr PehGary Peh Kaixiang  4AOutdoor Activities Club (ODAC) 309 
Mr Poh Poh Eng Hua Terence 4E 308
Ms Wong Philina Wong Hai Lin 1B Chinese Orchestra 303
Mr Chew Roy Chew Hock Wu 1C Basketball (Boys) 316
Ms Sharizan Sharizan Sanwan 255
Ms Shalynn Shalynn Sasha Chua 2E Multimedia Club 313
Mdm Sieow Sieow Lee Mei  1HChinese Dance  262
Mr Sim Sim Kok Heng 1F Choir 283
 Ms SimSim Feng-En Sophia 4E Outdoor Activities Club (ODAC) 280 
Mr Soo Soo Jun Hao 2A NCC Air (Boys) 278
Ms Song Song Shihui Stephanie 2H St John Brigade 315
Ms Suen Suen Jia Min 2B Dance Ensemble 259
Mrs Raj Sukumar Sri Durga 2A Dance Ensemble 257
 Ms TanTan Jie Hui Dorcas 2H  258
 Mdm TanTan Puay Khim  326
Mdm Tay Tay Hui Cheng 263
Ms Teo Teo Shin Yeow 3G Chinese Dance 265
Mdm Thian Thian Siaw Fong 1A Chinese Drama 328
Mr Thong Thong Nai Kee 271
Mr Tok Tok Wei Ee Alvin Basketball (Boys) 280
Mdm Tumini Tumini Bte Sa'at 311
 Ms VasanthiVasanthi Athiveera Rama Pandian 2GSymphonic Band 313
Mrs Chan Wong Wei Ling 271
Mdm Wong Wong Yin Sung 2F Chinese Orchestra 285
Ms Wu Wu Simin  311
Mr Yeo Yeo See Heng Ronnie 3B Wushu 258
Mdm Yeoh Yeoh Ai Bee 325
Ms Yvonne Yvonne Suvitha Selvadurai 2G Symphonic Band 252
Ms Zhu Zhu Peilin 2H Chinese Drama 286

Allied Educator

Name Email (Ext) Ext Areas
Ms Lee Lee Soo Hong 299 Counsellor
Mr Peh Gary Peh Kaixiang 309 Teaching & Learning
 Ms Goh Goh Shu  307 Learning & Behavioural Support