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中正义顺家长会 Parent-Support Group (PSG)


Chung Cheng High School Yishun has a strong and dedicated Parent Support Group (PSG) which supports school programmes and activities for students' holistic development.

PSG Vision

Through close partnership between the school and parent we hope to create an conducive learning environment for our children  throughout their secondary life in Chung Cheng High Yishun.

PSG Mission

To gather a group of  like-minded, talents and experiences parents to support the school in the overall holistic development of our children.

PSG Goals

  • Strengthen the structure of the PSG to better support the students  in their learning through closer working relationship with the school;
  • Develop platforms for parents to nurture positive family relationships with their children through networking and sharing of ideas with other parents & teachers;
  • Engage parents as partners to share their working experience to prepare the students with knowledge, skills and values to be future ready.

Activities We Had Done in 2017

  • Term 1 PSG Meeting
  • Marina Bay Run 2017
  • Chinese New Year Celebration
  • Chinese Water Painting Workshop
  • Parent Day cum Terrarium Workshop with Dads
  • Term 2 PSG Exco Meeting
  • Term 3 PSG Exco Meeting
  • National Day Celebration Cum Charity Bazaar 2017
  • Term 4 PSG Meeting Cum Review Session
  • Chung Cheng High Yishun Open House 2017
  • Sec 1 Registration 2017

PSG Activities for 2018

  • Term 1 PSG Meeting
  • Marina Bay Run
  • Chinese Water Painting Workshop
  • Term 2 PSG Meeting
  • Parent Day 2018
  • Charity Bazaar
  • Parenting Talk
  • Term 4 PSG Meeting Cum Review Session
  • CCHY Open House 2018
  • Sec 1 Registration 2018

Roles and Responsibilities

The PSG Chairperson shall:
  • leads the PSG in working closely with the School to champion the School’s Vision, Mission, Values and Goals;
  • leads the PSG in supporting the School in its programmes and causes;
  • works closely with the School’s PSG liaison officer to coordinate and administer PSG meetings and programmes;
  • is the uniting factor that binds the PSG in working together for the common interest of the school’s parent and student population;
  • Preside at all meetings of the EXCO;
  • be responsible for the proper business at all the EXCO meetings;
  • sign the minutes of each meeting after the minutes have been approved;
  • endorse the event committee Budget proposed by the Secretary and approved by the EXCO;
  • appoint / assign event co-ordinator(s) and or sub-committee members.
The PSG Vice Chairperson shall:
  • represents the Chairperson in his/her absence in administering the roles of the Chairman.
The PSG Treasurer shall:
  • be responsible for the financial management of the PSG from procurement to receipt and payment;
  • maintain an up-to-date ledger that reflects the latest financial position of the PSG’s cash account balance;
  • Updates the PSG regularly on the status of the PSG’s cash account balance;
  • Advises PSG on the use of the PSG funds.
The PSG Secretary shall:
  • Keep minutes of meeting, maintain custody of all documents and records of the EXCO and generally perform all duties relating to his office;
  • Acts as Secretary at all EXCO meetings.
  • Publicize CCHY PSG activities and events through Facebook and upload any new activities and events to the social media to increase awareness of CCHY PSG.
The PSG EXCO member shall:
  • Mentor new PSG members in supporting PSG activities;
  • Advise parents if they have queries during school activities;
  • Support Chairperson and Vice Chairperson in the coordinating and administering of the PSG meetings and programmes;
  • Acts as a communication channel between the parents, the PSG and the school.

CCHY PSG Exco 2018-2019

  • Chairperson: Michelle Tan
  • Vice Chairperson: Pat Wong
  • Secretary: Chang Chai Mei
  • Treasurer: Htwe
  • Exco Member: Tan Mui Choo
  • Exco Member: Vennes Sam

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